Human Feelings As A Drug by Valerio Loi

I need more of this fix then.


the doctor and his TARDIS (aka me and my friend)

^ This


the doctor and his TARDIS (aka me and my friend)

^ This

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Hey everyone! A year ago today, The Last of Us came out and ruined us/changed our lives/made us feel things we never felt before/became one of the best games we’ve ever played/etcetc., and in spirit of TLOU’s one year anniversary, I am holding a giveaway! 5 of you lovely followers will win either one of these gorgeous poster books, or an awesome journal! Check below for details:

This giveaway will run for ONE DAY ONLY, the anniversary of course! Once the clock reaches 11:59pm EST tonight and it officially becomes June 15th, the giveaway will close and the winners will be chosen randomly. All you have to do is reblog this post! Feel free to reblog it as many times as you like, but please keep in mind I will only count you for one entry. Likes do not count and you do not have to follow but like I always say, if you’re a fan of TLOU, then why not? :) Per usual, I like to spread the love beyond the US, so this giveaway is not limited to location! (Oh yeah, and Tumblr is not affiliated, etcetc).

*The first three names chosen will receive a poster book and the last two names chosen will receive a journal. If for any reason you are a winner and are not okay with the prize you receive, you can forfeit your prize and another person will be chosen.*

If you have any questions, please send me an ask and I’ll respond ASAP! Thank you so much for being awesome and amazing and I wish you all the best of luck.

The giveaway starts now!

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This morning I went to Creative Mornings in San Francisco, and the name tags for the event were this venn diagram. After it was over, I grabbed some extras and made these. But what would you fill it in with?


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Finding an ‘old buddy’ completely at random on Tumblr is most certainly fate. There’s no other explanation. (Well, of course there is! But hey.)